Eden Mulholland

Eden stands as one of Australasia’s preeminent contemporary composers, celebrated for his remarkable contributions to theatre, film, and stage productions of all scales. His career is characterized by a fearless commitment to collaborative creation, delivering powerful, poetic, and intricately layered music across diverse artistic landscapes.

Residing in Queensland, Eden’s artistic journey is enriched by his background as a talented contemporary dancer. This fusion of skills, coupled with his extensive experience as a collaborator and recording artist, enables him to navigate seamlessly through various artistic domains while effectively transcending conventional genre limitations.

Mainstream releases

Past Work

Belle. MOTH
Imprint.  NZDC/MOTH/Rodney Bell
2023 Fifa Womens World Cup Opening Ceremony
The Pact. Drama series. Created by Natalie Medlock & Harry McNaughton.
Torua.  Movement of the Human
World of WearableArt
Archives of Humanity. Co3 Australia
The Autumn Ball. Sarah Foster-Sproull/The Royal NZ Ballet
World of Wearable Art
Dakota of the White Flats. Redleap Theatre
Dry Spell. Rose Philpott, Footnote NZ
A Moving Portrait. Co3 Australia
My Life Is A Dance. MOTH
Stabat Mater.  Sarah Foster-Sproull/NZ School of Dance
The Line. Co3 Australia
Orchids. Sarah Foster-Sproull
Meremere. MOTH
Artemis Rising. Sarah Foster-Sproull/The Royal NZ Ballet
Owls Do Cry. Redleap Theatre
Meremere. MOTH
Mass Solitude. Sarah Foster-Sproull/Footnote NZ/Guangdong Modern Dance Company
Fiji Untold. Vou Fiji/Sarah Foster-Sproull
Leeches. Aloalii Tapu
Carnivale.4. Co3 Australia/Link
The Zone. Co3 Australia
In Lore Act II. Chrissie Parrott/Co3 Australia
Nothing stands in the way. UNITEC/Sarah Foster-Sproull
World of Wearable Art
Despite the loss of small detail. Sarah Foster-Sproull/The Royal NZ Ballet
Wired. Okareka/Sarah Foster-Sproull
Tipu. Kelly Nash
He Wawā Waraki: Roaring Chorus. MOTH
Red Speedo. Auckland Theatre Company
Atamira. Atamira 
Moon. MOTH
Rushes. Peer Gynt: Recycled
Auckland Theatre Company
From the Mountains To The Sea. Documentary. Director Anna Marbrook
The Cry. Co3 Australia
Atoms and Eves. MOTH
Lifeworld (In Five Parts). Claire O’Neill
One Day. Short film. Director Nicky Cameron
Brouhaha. NZ Dance Company/Malia Johnston
Together Into The Abyss. Dance North/Raewyn Hill
Hand To Hand. Michael Parmenter
Paniora!  Auckland Theatre Company
Colt. Footnote NZ/Sarah Foster-Sproull
Amanimal. MOTH
Lord Of The Flies. Auckland Theatre Company
Waka Warriors. Series. Maori TV
In Pieces. Malia Johnston
White Elephant. Barbarian Productions
The Nothing. Sarah Foster-Sproull
Human Human God. NZ Dance Company/Sarah Foster-Sproull
Black Confetti. Auckland Theatre Company
Instances (When We Are Like Horses). Malia Johnston
Nga Hau E Wha. Okareka
Sum. Ross McCormack
Body Fight Time. MOTH
Mary Stuart. Auckland Theatre Company
Purlieu. Malia Johnston
August: Osage County. Auckland Theatre Company
The Importance Of Being Earnest. Auckland Theatre Company
Weather I wear You. Malia Johnston
World Kitchen. 5 seasons. Director Martha Jeffries
Stark. Maria Dabrowska
Lens I. Malia Johnston
Carnival Hound. Maria Dabrowska
The Thirty-Nine Steps. Auckland Theatre Company
She Stoops To Conquer. Auckland Theatre Company
Waiting for Violet. Mia Mason
Tama Ma – A Life Of Dance. Feature Documentary. Director Mark Summerville
Tent. Michael Parmenter
Where we once belonged. Auckland Theatre Company
False Waltz. Malia Johnston/Footnote NZ
Trigger. Malia Johnston
Tama Ma. Okareka
Miniatures. Malia Johnston
Broken by Design. Malia Johnston
Dark Tourists. Malia Johnston/Emma Willis
The Pillowman. Auckland Theatre Company
My name is Gary Cooper. Auckland Theatre Company
Lost Property. Claire O’Neill
Weather Vain people. Malia Johnston
One way pendulum. Malia Johnston
Small War. Malia Johnston

Awards | Nominations

Winner Outstanding Composer of Music
Wellington Theatre Awards

Winner Sound Designer of the Year
Wellington Theatre Awards
Winner Best Sound Design
Performing Arts W

Winner Best Production
Auckland Fringe Awards

Qantas Media Awards
Best music Nomination for World Kitchen

Winner of Best Music
Tempo Festival

Silver Scroll Nomination
“Oldest Trick in the Book”

Winner of Best Music
Tempo Festival

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