Eden Mulholland


Eden Mulholland (Ngati Uepohatu, Aotearoa) is one of Australasia’s most respected and prolific composers and producers for theatre, film, and contemporary dance.

Currently based in Queensland, Eden’s background as a gifted contemporary dancer, together with his ongoing career as a recording artist, means his work not only spans multiple disciplines but also meets the challenges involved in transcending or transgressing conventional genre boundaries.

Eden is well known and sought after for his unusual mix of disciplined focus combined with creative freedom, a balancing act which allows for collaborative improvisation and risk taking when exploring and developing new works.

Eden has received numerous arts festival and commercial sound design awards and is a founding member of the acclaimed Movement of the Human, a multi-disciplined, project-based collective known for their striking and thought provoking work.

This pace and timing is perhaps the work’s most impressive feature and can be attributed to its astonishing sound-score. Composer Eden Mulholland has created an incredible, almost operatic aural experience.


It is a haunting soundscape of memories; emotions of love, loss and hope; ideas of loneliness, struggle and triumph. Mulholland is a gentle performer, gracious in his shaping of the piece.
Sound Designer of the Year
Wellington Theatre Awards 2018