The Line
Artemis Rising
Owls Do Cry
Mass Solitude
Fiji Untold

The Zone
In Lore Act II
Nothing stands in the way
World of Wearable Art
Despite the loss of small detail
He Wawā Waraki: Roaring Chorus
Red Speedo

Peer Gynt: Recycled

The Cry
Atoms and Eves
Lifeworld (In Five Parts)


Together Into The Abyss
Hand To Hand

Lord Of The Flies

In Pieces
White Elephant
The Nothing
Human Human God
Black Confetti

Instances (When We Are Like Horses)
Nga Hau E Wha
Body Fight Time
Mary Stuart

August: Osage County
The Importance Of Being Earnest
Weather I wear You

Lens I
Carnival Hound
The Thirty-Nine Steps
She Stoops To Conquer
Waiting for Violet

Where we once belonged
False Waltz
Tama Ma

Broken by Design
Dark Tourists
The Pillowman
My name is Gary Cooper

Lost Property
Weather Vain people.
One way pendulum
Small War


Orchids Soundtrack

1 . Orchids Opening
2 . Marianne Piano
3 . Tableaux Pentacle
4 . Big Dance
5 . Folk Dance to Washing
6 . Jahra Solo
7 . Trio Sixtet Medusa
8 . Ivy

How am i lonely (Single)


The Vanishing (Single)

Wild Animal (Single)

Forwarding Backwarding (Single)


Fusillade (Album of 28 songs)

1 . Thousand yard stare music video
2 . Streets of San Fransisco music video
3 . Prayer music video
4 . I’ll be Damned music video
5 . Her Island music video
6 . The Fair Fight music video
7 . The Cry Overture music video
8 . You gotta wonder music video
9 . X-Rated Aisle music video
10 . Trees For Forest music video
11 . Spitfire music video
12 . Panda Eyes music video
13 . Hurcules Rockmusic video
14 . Amnesia music video
15 . Tv Song music video
16 . Tupua Piano music video
17 . Six music video
18 . Sarahs Songmusic video
19 . No Retreat No Surrender music video
20 . Jumping Jack music video
21 . Ending poem music video
22 . Twinkle toes music video
23 . Middle Bitmusic vide
24 . Ionized Air music video
25 . If it were up to me music video
26 . Froggies music video
27 . Fire Ending music video
28 . Desert of the Heavens music video

Lego Ships (Single)


Hunted Haunted (Album)

1 . River of hurt music video
2 . Utopia music video
3 . The new old fashioned music video
4 . Singularity music video
5 . Four to the floor
6 . Long while yet
7 . If it were up to me
8 . Thoroughbred
9 . Cardboard cutouts
10 . Drama trauma
11 . Over my dead body


Feed The Beast (Album)

1 . Cry cry cry music video
2 . Mekong Delta music video
3 . Where is my jealousy
4 . Supermarket blues
5 . I will echo music video
6 . Body double
7 . Feed the beast
8 . Beside itself music video
9 . I read all of the books
10 . Blueprint music video
11 . Such a shame you must die
12 . Lighthouse


Jesus don’t you get my Jokes (EP)

1 . Shanty Town music video
2 . Jesus don’t you get my jokes
3 . Homework
4 . Body fight time music video | music video
5 . Shipwrecker


Fourteen (Soundtrack Album)

1 . Part I
2 . Part II
3 . Part III

Nga Hau e Wha (Soundtrack Album)

1 . Air
2 . Water I
3 . Water II
4 . Water III
5 . Earth I
6 . Earth II
7 . Earth III
8 . Fire I
9 . Fire II
10 . Fire III
11 . Ending

Sum (Soundtrack EP)

1 . 1+
2 . 2+
3 . 3+
4 . 4=10

Body Fight Time (Soundtrack Album)

1 . The Virus (2011 Version)
2 . Kilda’s song (2011 Version)
3 . Karl Solo (2011 Version)
4 . Over my dead body (2011 Version)
5 . Wigs (2011 Version)
6 . Bodies / Paul solo (2011 Version)
7 . Machine Gun (2011 Version)
8 . Mariana solo (2011 Version)
9 . Big Dance (2011 Version)
10 . Final Poem (2011 Version)


Perlieu (Soundtrack Single)

August: Osage County Soundtrack (EP)

1 . Slide sketch 1
2 . Slide sketch 2
3 . Slide sketch 3
4 . Slide sketch 4
5 . Frenzy 1
6 . Desolate 1
7 . Desolate 2
8 . Percussion
9 . Desolate 3
10 . Curtain

Music for Dance (Album)

1 . The dark night
2 . Barrel roll bats
3 . Boats
4 . Box duets
5 . Chess pieces
6 . False waltz 1st movement
7 . False waltz 2nd movement
8 . False waltz 3rd movement
9 . Cardboard cutout
10 . Jumping Jack
11 . Atoms and Eves Finalé
12 . Hannah solo
13 . Group rhythm
14 . Jesse solo
15 . Broken by design finalé
16 . No retreat no surrender
17 . Car crash
18 . Over my dead body
19 . The virus
20 . Naked bodies/Paul solo
21 . Scan duet
22 . Such a shame you must die
23 . Requiem piano


Stark (Soundtrack Album)

1 . Part 1
2 . Part 2
3 . Part 3
4 . Part 4
5 . Part 5


Hand to Hand (Soundtrack Album)

Tent (Soundtrack Album)

1 . Dance I
2 . Dance II
3 . Dance III
4 . Piloting
5 . Boys trio
6 . Sarah’s song/Wild women
7 . Fire ending

Carnival Hound (Soundtrack Album)

1 . Bodies
2 . Maria solo
3 . Table dance
4 . Rooms
5 . Carnival
6 . Duet – Alex solo
7 . Raunchy
8 . Mariana solo
9 . Explosions
10 . Howling
11 . Finalé


Left Untitled (Soundtrack)

1 . L3FT (A)
2 . L3FT (B)
3 . L3FT (C)
4 . L3FT (D)
5 . L3FT (E)
6 . L3FT (F)
7 . L3FT (G)

Weather Vain People (Soundtrack Album)

1 . Part 1
2 . Part 2
3 . Part 3
4 . Part 4
5 . Part 5
6 . Part 6
7 . Part 7
8 . Part 8


Tightrope Highway

1 . Golden Light
2 . Flying Saucer
3 . Kissed in Time
4 . Commandeering
5 . She got Deaf
6 . My Friends
7 . Tightrope Highway
8 . Oldest trick in the book
9 . Comeback Kid
10 . Octopus
11 . Jekyll & Hyde


Into the Fall (Motocade EP)

State and Maine
1 . Into the Fall
2 . Bomb Squad
3 . BBC Blues
4 . My Friends music video
5 . Bill Murray Fan Club music video
6 . Goodnite Boy


Motocade (EP)

1 . Psycho music video
2 . American Film
3 . Spectacular Little Death music video
4 . Two Halves
5 . Off the Road
6 . She’s hot She’s cold
7 . Happiness is Lonely


Fusillade (Album of 28 songs)

1 . Thousand yard stare
2 . Streets of San Fransisco
3 . Prayer 
4 . I’ll be Damned
5 . Her Island
6 . The Fair Fight
7 . The Cry Overture
8 . You gotta wonder
9 . X-Rated Aisle
10 . Trees For Forest
11 . Spitfire
12 . Panda Eyes
13 . Hurcules Rock
14 . Amnesia
15 . Tv Song
16 . Tupua Piano 
17 . Six
18 . Sarahs
19 . No Retreat No Surrender
20 . Jumping Jack
21 . Ending poem
22 . Twinkle toes
23 . Middle Bit
24 . Ionized Air
25 . If it were up to me
26 . Froggies
27 . Fire Ending
28 . Desert of the Heavens


"The score is composed and performed by the legendary Eden Mulholland and performed in collaboration with classical accordionist James Crabb. The interplay between musicians and the action on stage as they move back and forth, crossing boundaries we as an audience draw for them is one of the highlights of THE LINE." | OUTin Perth

Performed live by Eden Mulholland and internationally renowned classical accordionist, James Crabb.

Co3 Australia | Created by Raewyn Hill in Collaboration with Mark Howett


Winner - Outstanding Composer of Music 2019 Wellington Theatre Awards

"Sparsely layered rhythmic music by Eden Mulholland is rich in sampled strings and bass tones with spatters of percussion, remarkably seductive to the ear..." Raewyn Whyte | The New Zealand Herald

Foster Group’s Orchids, Choreographed by Sarah Foster-Sproull with an original music score by Eden Mulholland


Winner Sound Designer of the Year 2018 Wellington Theatre Awards

“It is a haunting soundscape of memories; emotions of love, loss and hope; ideas of loneliness, struggle and triumph. Mulholland is a gentle performer, gracious in his shaping of the piece.” Leah Carrell | Theatreview 2016

Movement of the Human’s Meremere, Developed in collaboration with director Malia Johnston. Performed by Rodney Bell with original composition and live music from Eden Mulholland.


Music composed by the amazing Eden Mulholland was haunting and perfect”  Deirdre Tarrant | DANZ

Artemis Rising, a Royal New Zealand Ballet commission for The Choreographic Series. Choreographed by Sarah Foster-Sproull with soundtrack by Eden Mulholland. Piano performed by Andrew Atkins, NZ


“Eden Mulholland’s sound design is extraordinary, providing a rich base for some luscious singing, and dance…. The mics do indeed become bungy cords for the actors to use and abuse with astonishing creativity.” Terry MacTavish | Theatrereview

Red Leap Theatre’s, Owls Do Cry. Led by Artistic Director Julie Nolan and directed by Malia Johnston with original composition by Eden Mulholland.


Winner Sound Designer of the Year 2018 Wellington Theatre Awards

“It is a haunting soundscape of memories; emotions of love, loss and hope; ideas of loneliness, struggle and triumph. Mulholland is a gentle performer, gracious in his shaping of the piece.” Leah Carrell | Theatreview 2016

Movement of the Human’s Meremere, Developed in collaboration with director Malia Johnston. Performed by Rodney Bell with original composition and live music from Eden Mulholland.


“While Foster-Sproull's movement animates the dancers, it is Eden Mulholland's rhythmically immersive score that drives events along and gets into your blood. Despite his many past successes, this could well be his best-ever score for dance.” Raewyn Whyte | NZ Herald

Mass Solitude, choreographed by Sarah Foster-Sproull for Guangdong Modern Dance Company (China) & Footnote New Zealand Dance with original composition by Eden Mulholland

“This show is cultural, energetic, beautiful in its simplicity. The choreography, music, lighting effects and performers are pure magic.” | Tripadvisor

Vou’s Fiji Untold, Choreographed by Sarah Foster-Sproull and Navi Fong with original composition by Eden Mulholland

“…paired with the incredible sound design created by Eden Mulholland, gives way to a unique aural experience for the audience that complements the movement beautifully.” Nicole Wilkie | Theatrereview

Leeches, Created by Aloalii Tapu and Friends with original sound design by Eden Mulholland

Choreographed by Raewyn Hill for New Zealand School of Dance with a score by Eden Mulholland

“…Eden Mulholland acknowledges traditional folk music as his greatest source of inspiration for The Zone’s mesmerising, phenomenal, percussive score, and musical references to Armenian choral song, Georgian folk song and Spanish Flamenco are prominent in his music. His score is delivered live, loud and visible, with Mulholland and his piano and microphone placed at the front of the auditorium on the side. Glancing at the dancers, he sings live, plays piano and guitar and strolls back and forth in front of the audience many times throughout, drawing them into the work in a non-stop, tour de force performance” Margaret Mercer | Dance Australia

Co3 Australia’s The Zone is created by Raewyn Hill with composition and live performance by Eden Mulholland

 Winner Best Sound Design at the Performing Arts WA  

“…created by composer Eden Mulholland, who melds cello, voice, and spoken word to haunting effect. Allusions to Nordic folklore are apparent in the staging and in the soundscape.” Margaret Mercer | Dance Australia

In-Lore Act II, A commissioned work for Co3 Australia’s WA Dance Makers Project season, choreographed by Chrissie Parrott with original composition by Eden Mulholland


“The work projects fierce states of emotion, purposely applied and channelled through breath-taking partnering, entrancing images, and fuelled by Eden Mullholland’s signature style score.” Chloe Klein | Theatrereview

Nothing Stands in the Way, choreographed by Sarah Foster-Sproull for Unitec Dance with original composition by Eden Mulholland

“Eden Mulholland has composed the music for the ‘Reflective Surfaces’ section – this is envisaged as journey into a midnight circus; a potent gumbo of gypsy rhythms and carnival madness.” Jenanne Burnell interview with Paul McLaney | The Speakeasy

World of Wearable Art 2018 show direction by Malia Johnston. Reflective Surfaces original composition by Eden Mulholland

“Despite the Loss of Small Detail by Sarah Foster-Sproull, (NZ) accompanied by Eden Mulholland's urgent, pulsating music.”  Ann Hunt | Stuff

Despite The Loss Of Small Detail by Sarah Foster Sproull for The Royal New Zealand Ballet’s Strength & Grace season with original composition by Eden Mulholland.


“Composer Eden Mulholland’s music is bewitching, bewildering and completely beguiling in this show. His music is not only the perfect complement to the phenomenal choreography but gives the entire show added lustre and polish through the tempo and mood changes. His ability to augment all the sentiments being expressed on stage via movement is pleasing and extremely memorable. There are echoes of Jean-Michel Jarre and Peter GabrielVangelis’ Yellow and Midge Ure, but none of these quite stack up to Mulholland’s beautifully composed soundscape.” Sharu Delilkan and Tim Booth | Theatrescenes

Okareka Dance Company’s Wired, choreographed by Sarah Foster-SproullTaane Mete and Taiaroa Royal with original composition by Eden Mulholland

“They are propelled by beautifully dense music that fuses string instruments and electronic sounds created by the reputed Eden Mulholland.” Claire O’Neil | Theatrereview

Between the Two, Kelly Nash & Douglas Wright.  Tipu, choreographed by Kelly Nash with original composition by Eden Mulholland


He Wawā Waraki: Roaring Chorus, a commissioned work for the Armistice Centenary National Ceremony. Directed by Malia Johnston with original composition by Eden Mulholland.

“John Parker's design creates an operatic setting that is expressively enhanced with Simon Barker's stylish video projections and Eden Mulholland's explosive sound effects.” | NZ Herald

Auckland Theatre Company’s Red Speedo, Directed by Benjamin Henson with sound design by Eden Mulholland

“Eden Mulholland’s superb music composition obviously had a massive impact on the overall design of the work with wonderful moments of other-worldly sounds saturating the space and the rhythmic underpinning always driving the dance forward.” Jenny Stevenson | DANZ

Atamira directed and choreographed by Kelly Nash for Atamira Dance Company with original sound design by Eden Mulholland

MOON, Directed by Malia Johnston for Auckland Theatre Company’s the Navigators season. Original composition by Eden Mulholland

Winner Sound Designer of the Year 2018 Wellington Theatre Awards

 Winner BEST IN FRINGE: ‘Rushes’ directed by Malia Johnston in collaboration with Eden Mulholland & Rowan Pierce at the 2017 Auckland Theatre Awards 

“Mulholland's deliciously variegated live music, with cameo insets, is the unifying thread for RUSHES which draws to a close with his haunting yet driving, I can taste the virus” Raewyn Whyte | NZ Herald

Song detail - listen to tracks and buy now option

Movement of the Human’s Rushes, Directed by Malia Johnston in collaboration with Eden Mulholland and Rowan Pierce. Live music performance by Eden and Jol Mulholland


“..fabulous sound..” John Daly-Peoples | NBR.co.nz

Auckland Theatre Company’s Peer Gynt [Recycled], Directed by Colin McColl with sound and music design by Eden Mulholland.

" lithely moving between different instruments and affecting and instigating dancers actions and reactions with the music. With the introduction of Mulhollands voice there was a touch of Cirque du Soleil as loop pedals, backing tracks and dancers fought for the spotlight but the overall soundtrack was a seductively powerful way to drive the dancers energy and move the show forward" | Performing Arts Hub

"Eden Mulholland’s reverberant, pulsating score drives the jerky, open-chested movement of the dancers.  The scene has a visceral quality which I find almost disturbing" | Theatreview.org.nz

Lifeworld (In 5 Parts) directed and choreographed by Claire O'Neill for Footnote New Zealand

“Malia Johnston’s Brouhaha set to Eden Mulholland’s charismatic score, was a tour de force of dance, music and light. An abstract, sophisticated work, it gathered momentum in an exuberant ball of energy…a genius at composition, producing a play board of characters searching and reaching out, each dancer occupying a separate space in a moving kaleidoscope.” | Francesca Horsley

Brouhaha choreographed by Malia Johnston for LUMINA season commissioned by the New Zealand Dance Company.

Together Into The Abyss choreographed by Raewyn Hill for DanceNorth


Paniora! directed by Colin McColl for Auckland Theatre Company


"The glorious music by Eden Mulholland is another significant partner in the ever changing performance environment, and to my mind his best music for dance to date. There’s an extraordinary range to the music, creating different moods and hinting at strange connections, and ranging from pulsing contrapuntal glitchy blocks to circling, cyling harmonics, from thundering, sonorous pipe organ to faint wisps of subtle theremin, grooving dubstep to discordant avant jazz piano." Raewyn Whyte | NZ Herald

Colt directed and choreographed by Sarah Foster-Sproull for Footnote New Zealand

 Winner 2013 Best Production Auckland Fringe Festival

"Taking his fair share of the performance landscape, Eden Mulholland is thrust in, beard and all, in full modus operandi: composer, storyteller, singer, muso and actor en scene. In the relish I feel at watching the musician" Felicity Molloy

Amanimal created by Paul Young, Ross McCormack, Eden Mulholland, Malia Johnston

Lord Of The Flies Directed by Colin McColl for Auckland Theatre Company


The Lion Foundation Season of Lord of the Flies. Nathan Mudge, Jordan Mooney and Leon Wadham. Photo: Michael Smith

In Pieces choreographed by Malia Johnston for Footnote New Zealand "Made In NZ" 2012


White Elephant (Score written in 2012 - performance premiered 2014)
Created and directed by Jo Randerson for Barbarian Productions

"Eden Mulholland’s sound track swings from super bass-y, to guitar driven loud right round to choral chanting that is eerie and creepy. Almost unnoticeable in the first half, it comes to the forefront in the second as it highlights the clear shifts between movement ideas without ever overriding the dance at hand."  Virginia Kennard | Theatrescenes

The Nothing created and choreographed by Sarah Foster-Sproull

Eden Mulholland, a favourite composer among contemporary dancers. The grandly operatic, pop-alt score kept pace with the dancers. (Or was it the other way around?) Jillian Davey | Theatreview

Human Human God choreographed by Sarah Foster-Sproull for The New Zealand Dance Company's production of Language Of Living.

"Eden Mulholland’s sound design vibrates and reverberates through the room, creating an atmosphere that feels at once cavernous and claustrophobic" - Rosabel Tan, Theatre Scenes

Keith Adams and Kip Chapman in Black Confetti. Photo: MIchael Smith. Auckland Theatre Company production

"The music by Eden Mulholland is fantastic. Rich and textured, it supports the dancers as the shift dynamically between muscular contraction and statuesque balance" Paul Young, Theatreview.co.nz

"a richly evocative soundscape" NZ Herald

Okareka Dance Company "Nga Hau E Wha" - full show 2012 from Okareka Dance on Vimeo.

"Eden Mulholland’s superb music score does much to contribute to the laughs - with the scratchy, country-sounds of “Over My Dead Body” - Jenny Stevenson, theatreview.co.nz

" Eden Mulholland’s sound scapes provide the perfect compliment to the superb dialogue and interludes" - Theatrescenes